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Sustainable management

Purchase of wood

Since its inception, Carrefour du Bois Limousin (CBL) has managed to control its supply chain.

When your plots reach a certain stage of growth, it is necessary to intervene through thinnings, cuttings, etc.

Therefore, our buyers move directly on your property to estimate and provide you a faithful offer at the market price. Their knowledge of exploitation techniques and management of forest resources allow them to guide you in the best way to enhance your assets.

If the plots or set of trees you want to sell interests us, you will be offered:

  • An inclusive price based on an estimation taking into account the quantity and the quality of the woods on your plots.
  • A price per unit of product: price per forest product from the forestry.

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" De la forêt à votre foyer, le bois, c'est notre métier. "

- Carrefour du Bois Limousin