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We have a stock of dry firewood throughout the year, to satisfy all our customers, both individuals and professionals, through fast delivery.

Our storage sites are located in the departments of Haute-Vienne (87) and Creuse (23).

For our individuals customers, we have a delivery area that corresponds to the prices indicated in the section “Order HERE”

Our professional customers are delivered anywhere in France. Ask for a quote for a delivery.

Delivery area

Red zone = individuals customers delivery area • Outside delivery area = ask for a quotation

Our firewood is made up of a mixture of oak, beech and charm. The combination of these three essences will guarantee you an efficient energy.

The visionary character of the managers of Carrefour du Bois Limousin, led to an innovation in the sector: the creation of a platform dedicated to wood energy. Whatever quantity you need, you can pick up your fuel directly on our site in Saint Just le Martel (Haute-Vienne). In this case, no minimum order will be asked and you can return as many times as necessary.

This innovation provides a solution to the storage problems you may encounter. Also, you choose the logs that suit you: dimensions and essences.

Available dimensions are:

  • 50 cm
  • 33 cm
  • 25 cm
  • Bales of firewood in 1m
  • Billons in 2,50m

In case of delivery, the minimum order is 4 steres for deliveries in 50, 33 and 25 cm.

For an order of bales or billons, thanks for contacting us to suggest you a quotation.

Purchase options (delivered or pick up on site):

  • In bulk
  • In pallet: we have an on-board trolley to facilitate the unloading and the installation of the goods at the desired place (according to the constraints of your space).


" De la forêt à votre foyer, le bois, c'est notre métier. "

- Carrefour du Bois Limousin