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Who are we?
Forestry – Trading & Exportation – Fuelwood


Located in La Souterraine (France, Creuse), Carrefour du Bois Limousin is specialized in forestry, wood trade (buying and selling) and firewood.

Since 1991, our core activity is foresting, hardwood and softwood trading, and logs exportation.

Our Know-How

1- Forestry


We are specialized in the following species:

  • Oak : Sliced – Lumber – Sawing – Cask wood – Timber
  • Chestnut : Sliced – Lumber – Sawing – Timber
  • Ash : Sliced – Lumber – Sawing
  • Beech : Sliced – Lumber – Sawing
  • Cherrywood

Carrefour du Bois Limousin, plays a key role in wood trading and foresting which are reserve for the industry.

Our 25 years experience, our presence in a key position in local and international markets and our professionalism constitute our main competitive advantage and our strength.


2- Trading & Exportation


Our long term relationship with our stakeholders is a key aspect of our policy. Throughout 25 years of activities we have built strong commitment with them.

Our key actors are present in :

  • Portugal, Spain and Italy for trading activities
  • France for trading and firewood activities with professionals
  • Province of Limousin for firewood activities with final consumers

We are certificated PEFC and we focus our activity to respect our natural resources and have a sustainable forest management.


3- Firewood


Our third and local activity is selling firewood throughout the year. Our firewood is dried under shelter. We offer a mix of oak, beech and hornbeam. Sold in bulk or in pallet.

Our delivery service is available on the areas of Creuse (23) and Haute-Vienne (87). Please check the map here to see if you are in the delivery zone. If not, do not hesitate to contact us to have the price regarding your location.

Our wood platform is in St Just le Martel (87) allowing you to pick up your wood directly without delivery cost. There you can also find other combustibles as wood pellet.

Our Business Network


  • Wine stave producers
  • Sawmill
  • Paper pulp industries
  • Wholesaler (Firewood)
  • Furniture’s manufacturers

Final consumers

  • Forest owners
  • Wood owners
  • Firewood consumers

Public administrations & other national agencies

  • Town hall
  • ONF (Office National des Forêts)
  • Forestry experts
  • Forestry organizations and agencies

" De la forêt à votre foyer, le bois, c'est notre métier. "

- Carrefour du Bois Limousin